ZPool launches Zcash mining with no service fees

ZPool officially opened up its ZCash mining pool, and started recruiting miners from all over the world free of service charges.

ZPool was formerly known as Megabigpower Bitcoin mine, which was built in September 2017 in Idaho, the United States. It now only serves ZCash.

Free of service charges?

ZPool’s direct profits come from the ZCash mines and the computing-power ecology. Since January 2018, many digital currencies have seen the drop of their prices by 60%-90%, for which the profits received from mining was next to nothing.

Under such a situation, every pool still took the service charge of 1%-3%, increasing the pressure on miners. ZPool’s founder believed that time has passed when the mining pool industry made profits on high service charges. To expand the ZPool ecology and to maximize the profits from computing power-based mining, ZPool practiced zero-service charge for miners and realized free renting global computing power, measurable transactions, and the negotiable and visualized computing value.

ZPool has begun to enter Hong Kong and other areas in the Asian-Pacific region for development of its ecology, including opening the service addresses for mining in the Asian-Pacific region, computing power rental services, node campaign, exchange, wallet, shopping mall and other one-stop supporting services on the mining pool.

To facilitate miners’ profit analysis and measurement and to stabilize miners’ gains, ZPool, supported by the powerful mine and the computing power, directly adopted the PPS revenue model, under which profits were generated as long as the mining machine functioned normally.


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Edith Muth

Edith Yue is CryptoMeNow's analyst. She loves to do intensive research on how blockchain will make an impact in our society. You can contact Edith at Edith@cryptomenow.com

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