Zilliqa launches new exchange to allow tokenizing the shares of major tech giants, such as Uber

Zilliqa, in partnership with MaiCoin, has launched a new fully regulated token exchange in Singapore. Hg Exchange will reportedly allow tokenizing the shares of major tech giants, such as Uber and SpaceX.

Hg Exchange is set to become the first ‘old-meets-new’ trading platform in southeast Asia that bridges the traditional stock market with the nascent cryptocurrency market. According to their statement, the users will be able to get access to fledgling startups as well as major tech behemoths whose capitalization exceeds $10 billion.

MaiCoin, the sister platform of MAX exchange was founded in 2014 and is the largest digital asset brokerage in Taiwan. MaiCoin was the first platform in Taiwan to offer Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) to the local community. In addition to that, MaiCoin has released its merchant payment features in 2015 to promote bitcoin (BTC) for retail payments. In 2017, MaiCoin customers can purchase digital assets easily through the kiosks at 12,000 Hi-Life convenience stores.

Zilliqa will facilitate the tokenization of stocks on its own network. Despite lowering investment amounts, only accredited investors will be able to become the members of this exchange. Meanwhile, MaiCoin will enhance security with the help of transaction signing technologies.

Estonia-based DX.Exchange, which launched on Jan. 7, already offers tokenized private shares of FANG stocks and Tesla. The exchange, which acquired Estonia’s FIU license, sells shares in the form of Ethereum-based tokens to non-US investors.

Tokenization has become a pervasive trend that goes beyond the cryptocurrency industry. For instance, pundits proposed partitioning art pieces into tokens to bring more liquidity to the market during last year’s Miami Art Week.


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