Xunlei’s CEO believes that a 30 billion market cap blockchain company is possible

Lei Chen, CEO of Xunlei Technology, a digital services company that transformed itself into a blockchain pioneer last year, believes that a blockchain company with an above $30 billion market cap is not an unrealistic future.

However, it’s not that easy…

“I’m not saying this is easy,” Chen says, joining a panel on blockchain at Fortune’s Global Tech Forum in Guangzhou.

“For this to happen, three things must occur first.” Chen summarises those prerequisites with three numbers: one-million, one, and ten-million.

“First, I believe there must be a blockchain architecture that can sustain one-million transactions per second and can have a response time within seconds,” Chen claims Xunlei’s blockchain processing platform ThunderChain, launched in April, already fulfills this requirement.

So it looks like the first requirement is already complete.

Creating the regulations that permit individual’s to truly own their own data will be tricky.

That returns us to the second of Chen’s prerequisites. “There needs to be one, somewhat unified, well thought-out regulation framework that is developed proactively, not reactively.”

Last on Chen’s list: we need to see an application of blockchain technology that surpasses ten-million users.

Chen says, “If there is a ten-million user application of blockchain today, we would be seeing the entire technology in a completely different light.”

In addition to that Chen adds, “Blockchain will challenge the data ownership models of today, because data should be of the people for the people by the people,” Chen predicts. “I think ten years down the road we’re going to see user data in the same way as intellectual property”

Jennifer Zhu Scott, founding principal of Radian Partners and an inaugural member of the World Economic Forum’s Future of Blockchain Council, points out that this distribution model has been previously deployed in other industries, such as gaming.

Our thoughts

A lot of things are easier said than done. The good side of things is that Xunlei has already achieved step 1 and they have a dedicated/strong team to continue progressing. Nevertheless, we need to see more companies leveraging blockchain for a worldwide adoption.

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