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Want your marriage certificate to be stored on the blockchain? Now you can in Nevada

It was recently announced that a county in the US state of Nevada is beginning to allow marriage certificates to be stored on the Ethereum blockchain. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen news regarding marriage certificates being stored on the blockchain, but this is the first time it is happening within the U.S.

Washoe County, Nevada, stored its first marriage certificate on the Ethereum blockchain in April of 2018 as part of an initiative to implement blockchain technology into more government programs. Through this new system anyone who gets married can view and send a digital version of their marriage certificate from either their PC or personal smartphone.

One thing that we need to take note of is that this is only a marriage certificate and not the actual marriage license.

Marriage licenses must be obtained in person at the County Clerk’s office and are not available online… Marriage certificates are proof of marriage and are available via blockchain technology through the Washoe County Recorder’s Office.

This works similar to a smart contract. Having your marriage stored on the blockchain means that every deposit and withdrawal is automatically logged by the system.

One of the advantages of a smart wedding contract is that physical assets like cars and houses can be added or removed with relative ease. Furthermore, the contract also indicates the share ratio of their assets.

While only the beginning, it is optimistic to see places across the globe beginning to implement blockchain technology like this. Hopefully, we will see more loans and other assets being automated with smart contracts in the near future.


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