Vitalik Buterin Meeting On Secret Upgrade to Increase Scalability

Recent reports have been circulating around the web about a secret meeting between Vitalik Buterin, The creator behind Ethereum and fellow developers during the recent Devcon 4 conference in Prague.

The Meeting

This meeting held a debate on a “previously undisclosed upgrade that could boost the capabilities of the technology more aggressively in the short term,” as reported by CoinDesk.

Greg Colvin, the developer for Ethereum virtual machine, posted the meetings on GitHub minutes after it started. It goes on to reference an upgrade dubbed “Ethereum 1x” that requires a “sense of urgency” and could go live some time during the coming six months.

This upgrade could be a possible replacement for Ethereum’s virtual machine (EVM). which is the key code that allows developers to execute smart contracts.

Three groups are known to be actively working on the code, with on groups mainly focusing on ” building a new mechanism to run smart contracts, another one is to discus changes to smart contracts costs, and another one to simulate and benchmark such changes.”

Our Thoughts

It’s good to see that Ethereum continues to push its technology towards the limit and witness these passionate coders at work. This recently development has sparked a debate on transparency among Ethereum developers and it’s going to be really interesting to see what happens during the coming months.

Are you interested in this secret project and if so what are you hoping comes out of it?

Let us know your thoughts.

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