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Using Vendit, you’ll soon be able to pay for your Uber rides in Bitcoin

Vendit recently announced that it is now adding Uber to the company’s list of supported applications, giving their users the ability to add credit to their Uberwallet, which they can use for booking a ride. Users will be able to pay for their Uber rides using Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency.

Vendit is setting the stage as the first company to be successfully undertaking an innovation of this kind. The reason we’re saying this is because Uber isn’t the first customer that’s going to be supported through the app. Their existing database of customers includes iHop, for your pancake fixes, Dominos, for your pizza cravings, and Gamestop, for those that are too lazy to go to the store.

How does it work?

Here’s how Vendit’s payment system works: Vendit’s backend is integrated through a PoS system that is linked to all their merchants. When you make an order or call for a ride within the app, it’ll notify the merchant and the order will be processed. Everything is done through Vendit’s app.

According to Vendit, “It is with great pleasure to announce that Uber has been added to Vendit’s payment system that will allow people to add credits to their Uber App by purchasing with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.”

Looking back, Europe-based currency company Libereum bought a huge amount of shares in Vendit’s Payment System. It was during the latter part of the year that Libereum was on a shopping spree of sorts, acquiring football clubs as part of its global expansion.

Initially back in 2016, Uber had revealed that it would be accepting Bitcoin as payment for taxi rides, but it seems like that never came through. Now, Vendit can be an option until Uber decides to launch their own Bitcoin payment processing platform.


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