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US Defense Agency is exploring ways to implement blockchain for the battlefield

The US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), which handles the supply chain for all five branches of the military as well as several federal agencies and international allies, held a two-day event in December to learn how blockchain could improve its processes.

During the event, an example from a recent hurricane disaster was used. During this hurricane, troops were sent to help with the relief of the disaster, but the system wasn’t efficient enough.

The example shows that 41,000 power poles, 88.1 million meals, and 1,264 generators were provided – the Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) team presented how blockchain might have improved the relief efforts.

The DLA release points to blockchain’s ability to provide trustless peer-to-peer validation on-chain for processes like ordering and delivery tracking. It also notes blockchain’s potential for “improving transparency and auditability of agency transactions.”

Currently for the DLA, processes are managed via the different agencies’ centrally managed systems, creating obstacles to data visibility and synchronization for an agency like that DLA that’s supposed to coordinate efforts.

There are workarounds, but they’re imperfect. For instance, the DLA’s construction and equipment deputy director, Marko Graham, found that one “challenging point” in the communication for these relief efforts was the use of an internal spreadsheet that tracked items purchased from vendors and their eventual delivery.

One might imagine the DLA taking on an obvious process failure in Hurricane Maria relief efforts that led to 20,000 pallets of bottled water becoming undrinkable before ever reaching needy citizens.

Reducing waste may be a further example of where blockchain could replace outdated resource tracking systems and provide real-time, shareable records for efficiency.

Like many other companies and organizations, government or otherwise, the DLA is in the early stages of considering blockchain to improve its processes and create a better overall system.


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