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US based rapper Soulja Boy says that the glory days of Bitcoin is over

Despite lauding over Bitcoin in his latest album, US rapper Soulja Boy stated during an interview with Cheddar that the apex currency’s glory days are over.

The 28-year-old rapper commented that investing in Bitcoin could be risky, saying “It’s a gamble. You’re not going to get the same returns as you would if you had gotten in on it early because it became mainstream and everybody know about Bitcoin now.”

Soulja boy also added that, in his opinion, the future of global finance is hidden within niche markets like cannabis stocks, e-sports, and electric cars.

Soulja boy WAS into Bitcoin last year..

Last year Soulja Boy released a studio album titled Young Drako that featured a song called ‘Bitcoin’. The chorus of the song includes the lyrics “I made 100 racks off of bitcoin. You can catch me trapping with the bitcoin. You can catch me running up the bitcoin.” Eminem’s latest album also came with a Bitcoin reference. On the track ‘Not Alike’ the lyrics include a line stating, “Remember everybody used to bite nickel, now everybody doing Bitcoin.”

Kind of hilarious that he mentioned that in the lyrics, now I wonder what happen to his “100 racks?”

Sadly, Soulja boy isn’t the only celebrity that lost hope in Bitcoin.  Erik Finman, deemed the youngest crypto millionaire, had lost faith in the flagship cryptocurrency.

In an interview with MarketWatch, Finman, who abstained from college in pursuit of becoming an entrepreneur, explained that the biggest cryptocurrency is “dead.”

Finman chalked up his inflammatory comment to the fact that Bitcoin’s community is “too fragmented,” likely touching on the number of hard forks that have befallen the network and its spawn. The entrepreneur, known for his rambunctious social media habits.


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