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United Nations teams up with to bring free healthcare to East Africa through blockchain

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) will be teaming up with, a Blockchain-based telemedicine firm, for the expansion of basic free healthcare services across the East African region.

A letter was signed for the same on December 20, 2018, by UNODC’s Regional Representative for East Africa, Amado Philip de Andres. The letter states that the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime is poised to co-operate in a new partnership with is a Blockchain-based firm that offers round the clock telepsychology and telemedicine. Users are able to tokenize their data and sell it in exchange for access to the services of the platform. The ERC 20 based token called MTC is used in its ecosystem. It can be traded on various exchanges such as Kucoin and Coinbene.

Some key stats about the platform:

  • 70,000 users have used the platform’s telepsychology services
  • 130,000 users have used the platform
  • Launched in over 20 countries
  • Expansion plans to Asia in early 2019

The company has announced that it will launch the main net by the first quarter of 2019. It will replace the Ethereum-based token system. The firm is also slated to launch a Blockchain-based veterinary subsidiary called “doc Pets” by the second quarter of next year.

Healthcare and blockchain together is blooming. Yesterday, we covered an in-depth analysis on “How blockchain will change the healthcare industry”


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