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UCLA launches an accredited Blockchain Engineering course

Blockchain courses are being adopted by more institutions as a way of teaching and equipping the next generation of crypto engineers to meet the ever-increasing demand for the technology and its applications.

Yesterday, we published an article on “A Deep Look at the Different Skill Requirements for Blockchain Developers”

UCLA didn’t just decide to pump out a Blockchain Engineering course. They’ve been hosting a series of seminars and events around blockchain for the last few years.

But now, they announced that it will be running a full technical blockchain programming course from January 2019 in its upcoming semester.

The course will be offered as 4-credit special topics course, which would be an upper-division elective requirement that is open to both students of electrical and computer engineering and computer science. It will cover topics including an overview of blockchain-related concepts, Ethereum, decentralized apps (dApps), crypto tokens, smart contracts, hash functions, and more.

The leading teacher of this class will be Professor John D. Villasenor, a professor of management, electrical, and electronics engineering, as well as public policy.

He will be assisted by Jason Huan and Andrew Battat, both of whom have been running various workshops on blockchain through Blockchain at UCLA, a student organization.

In addition to just that, the school mentioned that they have plans to expand to their international divisions and expansions as well and offer blockchain courses over there.

“While the market is scary right now, we believe the future is bright. No better way to invest in the future than investing in the youth. For us, this is only the beginning of building the bright future ahead through our University Program.” – Patrick McLain, Chief Operations Officer at MouseBelt

The course itself is accredited and will require some basic programming courses for its prereqs.


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Samuel Tan

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