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TRON’s Weekly Report: Will it surpass EOS in DApps?

The Tron Foundation released its weekly report recently and announced that it plans to overtake EOS regarding the amount of DApps on its network by the end of January 2019.

TRON also reported that they will continue to work on its wallet for test multi-signature.

In addition to that, there were also details on numerous other developments related to TRON, including that proposal No. 13 submitted by Tron Founder Justin Sun was approved to increase the amount of total energy on the network to 100 billion.

Now to quickly get to the technical side of things from the report, the report stated that Tron had completed work on hard fork logic optimization and developed the event subscription model.

In the ‘Developer Community’ section of the report it states that as of December 28th, about 280 teams had signed up for the Tron Accelerator contest. Don’t get this part confused though. It doesn’t mean that they have 280 dApps built on their network yet.

TRON also held two meetups in New York and Boston on December 26 and 27 with attendances over 60 for both boosting their brand awareness.

Earlier, we mentioned proposal No. 13 by Justin. Let’s briefly talk about what that is. 

The Tron community approved proposal no. 13 by founder Justin Sun. The proposal will reduce the transaction costs of the Tron network with the hope of enabling network expansion. The total amount of energy on the network is now 100 billion.

This is quite important because, with a higher total amount of energy, more apps can sustain on their platform.

Proposal no. 14, submitted by TRON ONE was also approved. This proposal allows users to create tokens with names that have already been used on the network as token names will not be the only way to distinguish different tokens from one another.

dApps Count

The Tron blockchain became home to 83 dApps by the end of December.

The network is now looking to overtake EOS blockchain regarding the number of DApps on its network in January 2019.

EOS currently has 259 dApps listed on its network.

During the week, the single day transaction volume of TRX coin on the new decentralized exchange TRXMarket exceeded 200 million. The coin was also listed on COINBIG exchange during the week.


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