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TRON (TRX) receives full support from VenaPi Decentralized Wallet

Justin Sun announces that the new VenaPi dApp for storing crypto now supports TRX, while the Vena Protocol team intends to build dApps on the Tron blockchain.

On Tuesday, December 25, the CEO of Tron, Justin Sun, posted a tweet stating that TRX can now be stored on the new VenaPi decentralized crypto wallet. Sun adds that the new dApp wallet is easily compatible with all other dApps built on the Tron ecosystem.

View the tweet below:

The biggest question is probably what’s unique about the Vena wallet compared to other wallets for storage?

By storing TRX on their new wallet, users can earn interest in TRX. The interest will add up over time leading you to own more TRX.

Vena network is an open-source protocol allowing to work with tokenized asset financing and exchanges.

This is another big milestone for both TRON the company as well as the TRON community.

Despite the numerous achievements, Tron is currently in the red, since bears have returned, ignoring Christmas and the miracles it traditionally promises. Over the last 24 hours, TRX has lost 14.20 percent, currently trading at $0.0198.

Justin Sun, the founder, is also a fan of giveaways. At the moment, Justin Sun is looking for the 1-millionth user on Twitter, promising him/her a prize of $10,000.


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