TRON Reaches New Milestones: 1 Million Accounts and 100 Million Contracts

Founder of TRON, Justin Sun, seems to be steadily succeeding when it comes to dominating the crypto space. At the moment, TRON has manage to successfully gain over 1 million user accounts and has reached a total of 100 million contracts recorded.

The number of TRON users has rapidly grown up to somewhere in between 10,000 and 40,000 per day. According to information provided by Here’s how the growth looks:

TRon’s Dapp weekly report where the ones who manage to reveal this recent piece of information, pointing out the “rapid expansion” of TRON ecosystem. The number of live DApps currently for Tron has also shown growth by 20 in the past week to reach 61, one of the new apps in Tron’s own decentralized exchanges

Justin Sun himself also tweeted about these recent events in celebration along with signifying that 100 million smart contracts have been executed on the Tron blockchain.

Our Thoughts

TRON continues it’s march towards domination of the crypto space and seems to remain unhindered in doing so. Just recently they’ve announced success in having the blockchain game Cuties, become the first part of TRON Arcade.

Do you think TRON will manage to keep this ongoing momentum?

Let us know your thoughts.

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