Tron Plans to Partner Up With Blockchain Innovator Kiip

The Tron Foundation has recently stated that CEO of Kiip, Brian Wong has plans of teaming up with Tron. During Tron’s Nitron Summit held in San Francisco, Wong gave a speech on the blockchain revolution for advertising.

Kiip is a mobile ad network that rewards consumers with various goods for a variety of apps, such as games and fitness.

As an innovator for the advertising industry, Wong was behind the creation for the concept of “moments marketing.” Instead of advertising during random or prime-time windows, Kiip market brands to consumers based on the correcting and mindset in order to optimize user engagement and generate highly targeted audiences. It’s developed to give advertisers an up-to-the-second view of consumers based on actions they’re taking up on their mobile devices.

According to information provided on their website,

“When you least expect it, we’ll surprise you with rewards like discounts, tips and virtual currency, in your favorite apps and connected devices. It’s our way of saying: “You’re awesome. Kiip doing what you’re doing!”

Kiip initially launched their ever first blockchain mobile ad campaign during the previous June alongside AB InBev, the world’s largest brewer.

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Keith Wang

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