TRON is looking to launch a decentralized live broadcasting protocol

TRON CEO, Justin Sun, announced in a tweet that his network has yet another upcoming new launch for the blockchain community. He said TRON is planning to launch a decentralized live broadcasting protocol.

This broadcasting protocol is expected to compete with the likes of Youtube, Twitch, Facebook and the other streaming services out there. It will be one of the creations from BitTorrent which was recently launched by TRON network.

This enables the user to have a peer-to-peer seamless experience of sharing heavy files like videos, music, downloaded at a very high speed. It is assumed to spark off mass adoption of blockchain by institutions with the leverage of their in-house BitTorrent team.

Since its creation, the BitTorrent protocol had a system of incentives built into its core processes. BitTorrent users can choose to upload data to users that upload faster to them. TRON is transforming how the internet works to its core. I believe any application that is built on our network will unlock its power and benefit to the most. I’m excited to see the entertainment industry but also in traditional sectors such as telecom, banking, energy, real estate, education.

Streaming is a highly competitive space in both the blockchain and non-blockchain markets. Another issue that might arise is regulations. Streaming services are highly regulated due to copyrighted content and this might be an issue that TRON will be facing.

Since Tron migrated from Ethereum network, the team has leveraged on the opportunity to build one of the strongest platforms for decentralized applications.

Another issue that could arise is if one of these current streaming giants decide to take advantage of the blockchain technology and launch their own version of blockchain streaming.

Nevertheless, we have to give major credit to TRON and the team for trying to make cryptocurrency and blockchain accessible for everyone.


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Edith Muth

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