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TRON and Trust Wallet will be offering an Airdrop for TRX owners

Recently Justin Sun, Founder of TRON, tweeted about an airdrop offering for TRX owners. The recent tweet of Justin Sun has stirred the Tron community who kept asking him in the thread under the tweet if the Trust Wallet is to be the only venue to support the BTT airdrop.

A good chunk of the people who responded to the tweet kept asking whether TRX holders on Binance and Tronscan will get free BTT too and at what ratio.

More on Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is based out of California in the USA. This wallet app provides support for several digital assets, among which are Tron (TRX), Dash, Bitcoin, ICON, Ethereum and many others. A special emphasis on this wallet is made on ETH-based tokens. The app claims to be anonymous and secure.

In addition to that, Trust Wallet is available both on Android and iOS and has a browser dApp too.

For those that aren’t aware of BTT. BTT is a coin powered by Tron’s TRC-10 protocol that is intended to be an incentive for sharing files on BitTorrent. Users will be able to trade BTT for TRX on crypto exchanges.

For now, it is only known that the airdrop will be supported by the Trust Wallet only. Probably, later updates will follow from Justin Sun regarding the Binance exchange.

However, as per Sun’s tweet, BTT will indeed be available on Binance Launchpad, but not through an airdrop yet.

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