Top Women in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Today

It’s no secret that most cryptocurrency and blockchain leaders are men. This can be confirmed by the numerous researches and studies; with the latest by Google showing that an overwhelming 95% of the Bitcoin searches are currently made by men, while the overall women participation in the industry is pegged between 4 and 6%. Moreover, cases like the North American Bitcoin Conference show that only 3 of the 88 speakers were women, an incident which shows the industry has a disparity trend. Such figures cannot be wholly ascertained due to the anonymous nature of the cryptocurrency industry, but it remains clear that the tech industry is male-dominated.

Quick Summary:

  • Google shows that an overwhelming 95% of the Bitcoin searches are currently made by men
  • It is expected that majority of the purchases using crypto to be done by women going forward.
  • The Cryptocurrencies and blockchain will, therefore, be more successful if the unheard women voices will continue to be amplified by ICOs and other institutions in the industry.

Historically, women act as the purchasing gateways for many institutions around the globe, with studies suggesting that they purchase approximately 75% of the world’s products. Cryptocurrencies will, therefore, seize to be used as a store of value and start acting as an effective medium of exchange if more women are engaged in this fast growing industry.

But thanks to ICOs; they are slowly changing the phrase that “cryptocurrencies are a boys club” by presenting more opportunities for women engaging in the space.

Women to watch

So today we will spotlight the women trailblazing ahead with cryptocurrency projects and blockchain technology. A few of them have had notable exceptions; allowing them to gain much exposure in the press, while others are still doing it quietly.

Elizabeth Rossielo

Elizabeth Rossielo has made tireless efforts to exemplify the relevance and international reach of the cryptocurrency revolution. Originally a New York native, Rossielo spent most of her life raising her daughters in Dakar, Senegal. Meanwhile, she is now running one of the most popular companies in the cryptocurrency industry, the BitPesa. She started the company in2013 when she was at the age of 31. This Bitcoin enthusiast says that she started the company to facilitate payments between the African currencies and the rest countries. BitPesa is now used by seven states, including Europe and UK.

You can contact her at twitter @e-Rossielo

Tess Rinearson

At the age of 24, Tess doesn’t shy away from telling her followers and fans that she is a college dropout. After taking a computer science course at the University of Pennsylvania, Tess got an engineering job at a tech startup medium, an opportunity that she jumped into without sliding back. Her engineering career, however, is not the one which drew her close into the cryptocurrency world, as she says. She was on a ski trip with her friends when she heard her friends talk about cryptocurrencies, and decided to embrace the idea. She is currently involved in the development of a blockchain technology product known as the sequence. She plans to engage more women in her chain while still creating awareness for blockchain technology.

Reach her through @-tessr

Meltem Demirors

Meltem is an outspoken and passionate advocate for cryptocurrencies evolution. She is savvy enough, and you should, therefore, be ready to be schooled on how to purchase trade and store cryptocurrencies safely when you meet her. One good thing about her is that she doesn’t preach of how perfect the cryptocurrency industry is, she also gives new investors briefs on how scam ridden and corrupt the field is. “New investors should always invest wittily, as you can easily send everything to hackers,” she says. 

Born and raised in a poor background, Meltem developed strong ambitions towards cryptocurrencies. She started her journey by being the vice president at Digital Currency Group, a capital venture company which mentored her aspirations. She has used the platform, to talk about the importance of diversity and inclusion of women on the blockchain, considering that she initially felt underestimated and undermined as a woman.

Reach her through @melt-Dem

Amber Baldet

Baldet first heard about cryptocurrencies when she was still a young girl in college. She developed an interest in it and started to champion for the blockchain at that time. She later got employed at the famous JP Morgan Company where her dreams about the same grew more. Although most traditional bank institutions were still against cryptocurrencies at that time, Baldet says that working at JP Morgan exposed her more to cryptocurrencies. She worked there for eight years and then left the job to start her own company.

The new company focused on developing software for business who intended to explore the blockchain, as well as giving its customers bits of advice on the cryptocurrency niche. Her journey has not been smooth; she has faced many ups and down and up to date, her company is still under wraps. She, however, has promised to work beyond her initial Bitcoin goals.

Reach her through @AmberBaldet

Galia Benartzi

Born to immigrant’s parents in Israeli, Galia has played a significant role in creating blockchain technology awareness. After graduating from College at the age of 35 years, she co-founded a gaming company for Smartphones known as Mytopia. She, however, left the company in 2010 and went to advance her studies. While in school, she managed to understand some of the problems that the traditional financial system face and decided to embrace blockchain technology, which would be a solution to those problems.

In 2017, she helped in the creation of Bancor protocol, an NGO which specializes in converting currencies for cryptographic tokens. She has grown to a notable contributor at Bancor, and she has ensured that almost 40% of the employees in Bancor are women.

Contact her: @galiabenartz

Elizabeth Stack

Elizabeth Stark is the founder and the CEO of Lighting Labs, a firm which is creating a second software layer for the Bitcoin payments network. Stack first learned about the Bitcoin in 2010 and has since then delved into it without turning back. She has a strong ambition to strengthen and preserve the digital tools, and that’s one of the reasons why she is still holding in the industry.

Her company, lighting labs, is focused on preparing Bitcoin for the big-time and also ensuring that it supports the low volume transactions. She likes what she does, and she spends most of her free time educating people on the importance of investing in the blockchain technology and also the best measures to ensure that their investments don’t get in the hackers hands.

Reach her through @ Liz-stack24

Joyce Kim

Joyce is the managing Director of Spark Change Capital, and also the chief executive director of Stellar Lumens Org. She is passionate about the blockchain technology, and its impacts in tackling the grassroots of inequality. She is a cryptocurrency expert, and she has therefore presented on different cryptocurrency platforms for government organizations, banks and also at the UN. She has also participated in various ICO launches; where she gives them bits of advice related to the industry they are delving into. Joyce is an attorney who helps immigrant and domestic violence victims.

Twitter: @joyce

Catherine Coley

Catherine currently works at Ripple where she is the head of investor relations. Having been in the traditional banking industry for a long time, Caloy presents an extensive knowledge in the industry. Her journey to the blockchain techno world started a few years ago when she was still young in college. Her desire to change the industry was facilitated by the fact that she has worked in several banks before, and she, therefore, understands the main challenges facing the sector.

She has worked at Foreign exchange advisor at Silicon Valley Bank and has also worked at Morgan Stanley. Working at Ripple has however made her who she is, and she is currently considered as a top influential woman in the blockchain industry

Reach her on twitter: @cryptocoley

Jinglang Wang

Jinglang is a sophisticated no-nonsense woman making waves in the cryptocurrencies and blockchain world. She previously worked as the NASDAQ product manager and also served as a director at Blockchain education network. The positions she has managed to hold in her careers have played a significant role in helping her to reach many investors. Her ambitions to discover more about cryptocurrencies seems to be unstoppable as she recently resigned at the blockchain education network to join the crypto economics and also venture in other projects.

Twitter: @jinglangW

Linda Xie

Linda Xie does not only hold an impressive resume in cryptocurrencies but has also created a detailed guide to the new crypto investors. She initially worked for Coinbase for nearly four years; before she left to co-found the Scalar capital- an investment firm specializing in crypto assets. Linda has a unique and incredible way of explaining the most complicated issues relating to the industry, thus making them easy for everyone to understand.

Twitter: @ljxie

You should check her out if you are interested in Cryptos and you don’t know where to start. She is also the master mind beyond “beginners Guide Series in Crypto Assets,” a book which explains more about why people should invest in Cryptos. Her primary goal is to ensure that more women are selected as ICO leaders, to balance the gender inequality in the blockchain technology field.

Recent numbers show that more women are now gaining interest in the cryptocurrencies world. The Cryptocurrencies and blockchain will, therefore, be more successful if the unheard women voices will continue to be amplified by ICOs and other institutions in the industry.

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