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Tippin Extension Enables Twitter Users To Send Bitcoins Via Lightning Network

Tippin has recently launched a brand new extension for both Chrome and Firefox which allows users to send and receive Bitcoin micropayments through Twitter with the help of the Lightning Network.

According to information provided by Tippins official press release, the new extension will allow everyone to send and receive a small number of bitcoins on Twitter. Users of the social media platform will be capable of sending bitcoin micropayments as a tip if they enjoy a specific tweet and wish to express their appreciation for it.

In order to perform these actions, all you need to do is have a Twitter account and either the Google Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox, followed by installing the Tippin extension. Once it’s been enabled, a small lightning bolt symbol will be displayed inside each tweet, right next to the “like” and retweet” buttons.

Transactions are easy, cheap, and fast to pull off, thanks to the help of the Lightning Network, This technology was developed as a solution targeted at addressing the current issues of bitcoin scalability. Constructed on top of the main blockchain network, Lightning provides an additional layer facilitating almost instant bitcoin transfers for almost no fee.

The Lightning Network beta was launched during the previous year and its developers are still working hard on it. crypto enthusiasts believe its launch will remove a large hurdle that currently plagues mass bitcoin adoption.

Tippin has become one of the many projects to promote new technology. It also offers its users a custodial web-based wallet while allowing them to perform bitcoin transactions of the Lightning Network more efficiently. Upcoming updates shall have the project also upgrade their application and add support for other social media platforms.

This extension shall focus on allowing small bitcoin payments to be done seamlessly by ordinary people. It’ll also provide content creators with new ways to raise money for their creativity, meaning they won’t need external services to receive tips for their hard work. Simply downloading Tippin and using Twitter will be enough for them to get their reward.

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