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Thief Steals A Crypto ATM From A Los Angeles Bakery

A Los Angeles bakery was recently broken into which lead towards quite an interesting turn of events as the thief bashed and hauled the entire Bitcoin ATM out of the place.

The Heist

The theft occurred in a bakery by the name of Belwood Bakery, based in Brentwood Village of Los Angeles. As footage from a CCTV shows, the thief broke into the store by breaking down the glass door at the entrance. Once entered, the thief quickly made his way to the crypto ATM held in the shop.

From this point on, the thief seems to have mistaken the crypto ATM as a more mainstream version. A mainstream ATM would simply give the user fiat currency for the user, once the debit card has been swiped, and the pin is set in place. Because of this, the machine will usually have an adequate sum of cash for immediate, physical storage.

Although, since this was a crypto ATM, there are some differences. crypt ATM gives the user options to choose if they want to purchase cryptocurrency and then insert fiat bills equivalent to the amount of crypto they wish for. Afterward, the crypto amount will be transferred to your cryptocurrency wallet, since physical bitcoins or cryptocurrencies are currently nonexistent, given that it’s a digital asset.

The thief used a hammer to dislodge the machine after having stricken it twice. Then the thief tried to strike at the machine itself in an attempt to break it. Soon he began to realize that this was not the best possible option but failed to understand that there was no cash within the machine to steal.

Lastly, the thief was seen picking up the entire damaged machine and leaving with it. This has the left the crypto community quite amused as there is nothing really for the thief to steal with the now broken machine.

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Keith Wang

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