These Are The Women In Crypto And Blockchain That You Should Be Paying Attention To

The hidden truth is that women have been playing an important role in Crypto and blockchain, but they aren’t being recognized for their work.

That is sad to hear because there isn’t anything that a female cannot provide for the blockchain community that a male can.

Women have been slowly making a dent in other industries like tech and blockchain is providing women with more opportunities than ever.

Here are some quick stats on the state of women in crypto.

Of the 378 venture-backed crypto and blockchain companies founded globally from January 2012 through January 2018, only one (0.3%) had an all-female founding team and 31 (8.2%) had a combination of male and female founders, according to Pitchbook. During the same period, 17.7% of all tech companies had at least one female founder.

Alright, enough talking about that. We want to give a shoutout to the ladies that’s helping out in the crypto and blockchain space.

Here’s a list of women that you should be following in the blockchain space!

1. Laura Shin

Twitter: @laurashin

Laura Shin is a Forbes Senior Editor focusing on the crypto and blockchain industry. You can’t compile a crypto list without mentioning Laura. She is also the host of the Unchained Podcast. In her podcast, she chats with leaders in various fields on the impact of blockchain technology on their specific field.

Most of the interviews on the podcast are deep dives and anyone that is interested in blockchain needs to give it a listen!


2. Linda Xie

Twitter: @ljxie

Linda Xie is the co-founder of Scalar Capital. She was also a former Project Manager at CoinBase. Yep! She paid her dues 🙂 Linda is always active on Twitter and her Medium blog with deep dive analysis topics in the crypto space. We learned a lot from reading her content and tweets!

Crypto and blockchain is hard to understand for the average consumer, but Linda does a great job breaking it down for everyone. Definitely a respectable woman in crypto!


3. Lily Katz

Twitter: @LilyKatz

Lily Katz is a reporter for Bloomberg covering cryptocurrency and blockchain. Think that all crypto reporters at major news network are only males? Wrong! There are women crypto reporters too and Lily is one of them that we should be following.

In addition to reporting for Bloomberg, Lily has also been featured in several interviews where she shares her crypto knowledge.


4. Amber Baldet

Twitter: @amberbaldet

Amber Baldet serves at the Blockchain Lead at JPMorgan and has been named one of the Most Influential in Blockchain in 2017 by CoinDesk a while back. You can view Amber’s work directly on her website at

Amber shares a lot of crypto knowledge on her Twitter. Right now, she’s also the founder of Clovy. 

Clovyr brings the flexibility and ease of use of modern application development to the blockchain domain, for the first time offering a unified way to create, deploy, manage, and extend applications whether they are destined for the public Ethereum network or a private consortium ledger.

Women in crypto for the win!

5. Connie Gallippi

Twitter: @conniegallipi

Connie is a beast and definitely made it on our list of women in crypto. Connie Gallippi is the Founder and Executive Director of BitGive. Through her organization, Connie hopes to revolutionize philanthropy through Bitcoin and blockchain.

And guess what? Connie didn’t start Bitgive during the massive crypto hype a little while back. Bitgive was one of the first non-profit companies in the crypto space starting at 2013.

Connie is often asked to speak on topics including diversity and equal opportunity within the digital community.

Make sure you give this lady a follow on Twitter! 🙂


6. Tatiana Moroz

Twitter: @queentatiana

Tatiana Moroz is the founder of the Tatiana Coin. The goal of the company is to help artists gain more exposure and make money off their art. Tatiana herself is an artist herself. She merges her music with cryptocurrency and performs often at Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related events. If you’re someone that is interested in cryptocurrency and you’re an artist, then you should give her a follow!


7. Elizabeth Stark

Twitter: @starkness

Elizabeth Stark is the Co-Founder of Lightning Labs. For those that aren’t familiar with Lightning Labs, it  is an open protocol layer that utilizes blockchain technology and smart contracts to provide fast, cheap, and private transactions worldwide.

A lot of blockchain companies are building products on top of Lightning Labs for quick payments. It’s a world changing solution, so anyone that wants updates about Lightning Labs should give her a follow!


8. Aya Miyaguchi

Twitter: @mi_ayako

Aya!! She currently serves as an Advisor for Kraken Digital Asset Exchange. She previously was the Managing Director and VP of Operations for the Japanese at Kraken. Aya shares her cryptocurrency knowledge and especially her meetups in the cryptocurrency community with her followers on Twitter.


9. Toni Lane

Twitter: @tonilanec

Toni isn’t a newbie at all in the cryptocurrency space. Toni is co-founder of one the biggest online publications for cryptocurrency, Cointelegraph, which serves to shape the psychological perception of the market and provide financial information from the digital currency world. Toni holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Arts and is currently helping develop the Singularity University, which offers educational programs in new technologies.


10. Alena Vranova

Twitter: @AlenaSatoshi

Alena is the founder of the Trezor wallet. It offers one of the most secure ways to keep your cryptocurrency safe. One of their biggest competitors is the Ledger Nano. Alena holds a degree in economics and a master’s in marketing communication and has made a massive impact in the cryptocurrency space.



These are the top 10 women in crypto that you should be following. If there’s someone that we missed, please leave it in the comments below and we’ll add it for sure!

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