The Reason Behind Why Expedia Stopped Accepting Bitcoins

Expedia, the online travel agency was one of the first online sites to start accepting bitcoin back in 2014. Recently, the company has quietly stopped accepting the cryptocurrency, forcing users to look for an alternative.

What led to this decision for Expedia?

Expedia mentioned that there was a lot of customer dissatisfaction about the payment process timing out, a hectic refund process, and some customers finding they needed to pay with their credit card even after they paid in bitcoin.

A lot of users was requesting refunds and refunds isn’t always easy with Bitcoin.

Coinbase played a role in the decision..

A while back Reddit announced that they will stop accepting Bitcoin for Reddit Gold because of Coinbase’s new merchant platform.

Similar to Reddit, Expedia uses Coinbase as their payment processor for handling Bitcoin transactions.

These are all still rumors though. Other conclusions include the need to train and educate staffs on how the Bitcoin payments work and more.

Another thing to note is that Expedia’s competitor previously used Coinbase as well, but have recently switched over to Bitpay for their Bitcoin transactions.

With this in mind, it means that there has to be something wrong or unfair about Coinbase’s payment processor.

Consumers seeking alternatives

This means that consumers that are used to booking trips with Bitcoin will be seeking alternatives.

Aside from, there are a variety of lesser-known travel services and airlines that accept cryptocurrency.

Travel websites that accept bitcoin include,,,, and

Airlines that accept bitcoin include of Latvia, of Japan, of Thailand, and of The Philippines.

Gift cards that can be used to pay for some airlines include Gyft, eGiftergiftoff, FlightGiftCard,

What else should I know

A fun fact to note is that Expedia’s staff actually receives a part of their salary in cryptocurrencies. Staff has the option to opt in for that as apart of their salary.

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