The IOTA Foundation partners with Riddle&Code to enable the industrial Internet of Things

The IOTA Foundation and RIDDLE&CODE announced their agreement to create a fully trusted path from sensor to Distributed Ledger by integrating their respective technologies.

So how does this work?

Industrial IoT projects have so far only been able to use distributed ledgers to trust data processing and storage. This integration extends trust to the data source, so it becomes trusted.

This end-to-end solution lays the foundation for automated machine-to-machine payments and solves the ‘garbage in, garbage out’ problem by limiting data to sources with a certified identity.

This partnership enables significant enhancements over existing technologies that can easily be copied or cloned such as QR codes used to acquire data from physical objects.

This added trust provides us, as a society, with the control to be able to give mandate to a car to self-drive or to an industrial robot to do various tasks autonomously including managing power consumption or ordering parts that are required in just-in-time.

Tom Fuerstner, RIDDLE&CODE founder and CTO said: “Real-world industrial and smart city environments require trusted, scalable and transparent environments from end-to-end to store data. By securely connecting any IoT sensor or machine to the IOTA Tangle with our crypto chips and middleware, we are delivering just that.”

Holger Köther, the IOTA Foundation’s director of partnerships, stated: “This integration with Riddle & Code brings to life the IOTA Foundation’s vision of enabling all connected devices. With this step, the prerequisites of trust are in place for industry to adopt highly innovative tech infrastructure for more efficient business processes.”

Read more about what IOTA is about here.

Our thoughts

The bigger picture is that this integration and partnership will allow future IoT projects by companies and the government to be more accurate. The data will be more precise and more IoT projects can be completed in a shorter range of time.


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