The Bounties Network to Pay Manila Residents With Ether to Clean Up Polluted Beach Area

The Bounties Network has recently partnered up with ConsenSys Social Impact in order to deal with the issue of plastic waste found in ocean waters.

Clean up

Previously in June, the Network deal with its first bounty social impact project with MakerDAO during world Ocean Day. Ever since their successful accomplishment the group has been seeking out on how they can make a much larger impact.

Their recent target is Manila Bay in the Philippines. According to information provided by Greenpeace, the Philippines is the third largest source of plastic ocean pollution in the world, making it the best place for Bounties Network to begin their ascension.

The work will take place for over two days from 1st and 2nd of December, from 0800 until 1700 for both days. Those who decide to join up will be cleaning up the Las Pinas-Paranaque Critical Habitat Area. Participants will be paied a total of 550 Philippines Pesos ($10.50) per day, which will be made in Ether.

Founder of ConsenSys and Co-founder of Ethereum, Joseph Lubin, announced this project on his twitter page.


Network has also posted their own message on it’s website,

With our oceans in crisis, the devastating ecological consequences of our actions are becoming abundantly clear, and global solutions are needed. We believe blockchain-based bounties have the potential to incentivize global participation in social impact projects and donation crowdsourcing.

Our Thoughts

With organizations such as Bounties Network cropping up and using cryptocurrency as a form of payment to encourage clean up operations, it’s quite interesting to see if the results will be positive. We can only hope that the cleanup goes will for the Network and the people of the Philippines.

What clean up project should Bounties Network undertake after this?

Let us know your thoughts.



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