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Telegram Crypto Coin Slated To Launch During March

Telegram has recently stated that their cryptocurrency, the Gram, is will be ready to launch as early as March this year, and the token will make its grand debut in Japan.

According to information provided by the news outlet The Bell, Sources closely related to with the founders of Gram, believe a meeting of the project’s major investors will be held during the coming four weeks, where they will be presented with a demonstration of Telegram newly developed TON blockchain platform, with a main net launch to be set for March.

The report further states that the Gram may initially lunch for Asia and that the new cryptocurrency will first make its debut in Japan.


Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, claimed during the previous week that, 2019 will be the most important year in the history of our company,” and last year they’ve managed to raise over $1.7 billion USD in funding for the Gram and the TON platform, the major blockchain ecosystem project.

A newsletter sent out by Telegram recently claimed the developing on TON was 90% done, and that it would be ready as early 2019. Although, the author conceded that “a slight delay of two-three months” was probable, due to the “innovative nature of the project.”

This project has boasted about solving one of the blockchain’s most challenge problems for scalability by developing an entirely new blockchain shall be capable of processing millions of transactions per second, citing the use of terms such as “infinite sharding” and “hypercube routing.” Even so, these topics have been dropped by other researchers due to how complex they are.

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