TD Ameritrade Looking Into XRP For Retail Investors

US brokerage TD Ameritrade has recently announced that they are looking into utilizing XRP and other cryptocurrencies for its 11 million retail investors.

Once prompted with a question on whether it would allow its clients the option to trade XRP, the firm’s live broadcast financial network stated they are, “working hard to make things like this happen.”

For those who aren’t in the know, XRP has increasingly become the world’s second largest crypocurrency by market cap, surpassing Ethereum during the previous month.

While crypto prices have declined, XRP hasn’t been hit quite as hard compared to other digital assets. Moreover, adoption for XRP continuous to flourish among banks, and Ripple, who are the owners for the majority of XRP, continue to expand their blockchain business offerings.

While crypto prices have tanked, XRP hasn’t tanked quite as much as other digital currencies. Meanwhile, adoption of XRP continues to grow among banks, and Ripple – which owns the majority of XRP in existence – continues to expand its blockchain-based offerings.


This wouldn’t be the first time TD Ameritrade took in interesting in cryptocurrency.

During October, the firm ad invested a good amount into ErisX, a regulated cryptocurrency exchange for spot and futures trading opened by Erix Exchange. ErisX was made to offer traders access to cryptocurrency spot contracts as well as futures contracts on a single exchange. Jessica Darmoni, a spokeswoman for the business, stated that this would allow investor to trade Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and Litcoin, with the possible inclusion of more contracts on cryptocurrency in the future.

Our Thoughts

XRP seems to be on a roll recently, with many business taking interests in this cryptocurrency, it’s no wonders its steadily climbing towards the number one spot. With TD Ameritrade interesting in throwing their hat in with XRP it’s going to be interesting to see how this will effect XRP in the coming days.

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