Survey From China Shows 40 Percent of Participants Would Invest In Crypto

A recently conducted survey from China revealed that out of the 4,200 participants has revealed that 40% are willing to invest in crypto in the near future, according to information provided by the news outlet 8btc.

A news sharing outlet on blockchain across Asia by the name of PANews, was the one who conducted this survey.

Survey Says

According to the answers they’ve managed to gather during the survey, over half of each participant have heard of the following terms: Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and digital currency.

Although, 63% of these participants believe there isn’t a need for crypto as a means of payment. Furthermore, only 22.2% of these individuals were aware of the concept behind blockchain-powered tokens.

The Chinese government released its latest ranking of cryptocurrencies, which holds Bitcoin in the 18th place and EOS currently at the top. The second place is being held by the third largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum.

Previously during November, former U.S. Congressman Ron Paul, conducted his own survey on which form of payment method people would prefer, totaling up to 94,894 votes, heavily favoring Bitcoin over the more traditional forms of money as a long-term investment.

Our Thoughts

It’s quite interesting to see the power of cryptocurrency still holding strong in China, even with the government itself banning exchanges from being a part of the country. Although, because of said bans, it did lead towards people becoming even more increasingly interested in crypto coins instead of staying away from it. This just shows that no matter what a government may do to prevent the spread of crypto, people will always find a way around it and invest in the future of digital assets.

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