South African Kidnappers Ransom Nine Year Old Girl for Bitcoins

South African Kidnappers are demanding a transfer of up to 5 Bitcoins within 48 hours, in return for a missing nin-year-old-girl from Cape Town, the Capital of South Africa.

According to sources, the victim, Linathi Titshala, disappeared during December 16th, 2018, in Delft, Africa when she was coming from her grandmothers home to her house after celebrating her birthday on the 14th. Since then, two weeks had passed and no clues of the missing girl were found. Although, during January 4th, 2019, local news media reported that the kidnapper left a message on social media and anti-crime website on January 3rd, with demands of 5 Bitcoins for the safe return of Linathi Titshala. At the current moment, a single bitcoin is trading for $3,876.47, making the value of 5 bitcoins around $19382.25.

Another message was sent through email and received by a group called “Western Cape Gangwatch”, who warned people about the message being a possible scam and are doing everything they can to track the IP address and the bitcoin code.


“You have 48 hours should you not transfer the bitcoin in 48 hours we will cease communication. This email is going to be deleted in 12 hours.”

Although, investigators believe that this email may have been created at an internet cafe that enables automatic deletion. These scammers seem to be much more clever by making the email and not leaving a point to track through IP address. Even so, the investigation and search for Linathi are still going strong.

“Hopefully they realize the family’s circumstances and realize they cannot keep the girl for a lengthy period,”.
The statement continued;

“We are pooling all resources including doing a search again in the coming week. There will be a search for Linathi on Monday, 7 January and Tuesday, 8 January, [from] 9am-4pm.

Our Thoughts

Crime for Bitcoins in still on the rise in South Africa and seems to be getting worse. Just last December a man had been kidnapped and tortured into giving up all of his bitcoins when he had been invited to give a lecture on bitcoins. We can only hope the police manage to find these kidnappers and return the girl to her parents safety.

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