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Simple Guide To Cryptocurrency Bounties And How To Find Them

Most of us have heard of the term bounty hunters. By definition, a bounty hunter is someone who pursues a criminal or fugitive for whom a reward is offered.

Bounties in the cryptocurrency world are quite similar. In cryptocurrency, bounties are simply jobs and tasks that have usually been created by cryptocurrency and blockchain companies.

Similar to what a bounty hunter does, you will receive a reward in coin form as a compensation.

The different type of crypto bounties out there

There are a few variations of bounties that you can participate in to earn money in the cryptocurrency space.

Promotional bounties – These are perhaps considered to be the most popular type of bounties out there. Anyone with some basic digital marketing skills can participate in these bounties for free token rewards.

Usually, these type of bounties would consist of you sharing their ICO on social media or helping out with community promotion and management.

Bug Bounties – Next up on the list are bug bounties. This type of crypto bounty would require you to have technical knowledge. Ideally, you are someone with some sort of programming background.

What you would do is find bugs and flaws in their blockchain apps for the company. You will then be rewarded for finding the bugs.

Translation Bounties – This is another type of bounty in the cryptocurrency space where you can help blockchain companies translate their white paper or their website into another language. This is perfect for an individual that can translate well.

Writing Bounties – Are you a talented writer? Then this type of bounty is perfect for you. Blockchain companies and ICOs are always looking for all types of writers. These include technical writing and white paper writing. This type of crypto bounty is a bit more rare, but you can find them.

Signature Bounties – Signature bounties are the highest type of paying bounties in the cryptocurrency space. The only way to qualify for these type of bounties is to have an active social presence on forums. You would need to place the company’s logo and links to your signature. You can think of this as a sponsorship type of bounty.

Where can I find crypto bounties?

A good place to find bounties is using a site that lists bounties. You can visit ICOdrops and view their list of active bounties.

Bitcointalk also comes with a comprehensive list of bounties that you can participate in.

Occasionally, you’ll find bounties on sites Bountyplace. You could also subscribe to Airdrop and Bounty related Telegram channels to find opportunities.

How much can you make off bounties?

Most of the time that would depend on the company, however, the amount that you can earn is endless. The sky is the limit in this case.

Most people are rewarded in token form and not actual fiat currency. Usually, companies will have a set amount of tokens that they will reward people who participate in the bounties.

It’s a better alternative than buying the token through a pre-sale ICO because you’re literally receiving free crypto!

Many start-ups usually incorporate a bounty program as part of their ICO campaign. During the bounty program, the ICOs provide compensation for a number of tasks spread across marketing, bug reporting or even improving aspects of the cryptocurrency framework.


As mentioned above, bounties could be an excellent way for you to earn some extra crypto on the side without actually having to buy into the ICO. Do note that most companies fail after their ICO, so it might not be a quick “get rich” type of thing.

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