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Shoppers Will Now Be Able To Purchase Lingerie With Bitcoin For Valentine Day

Where only a week away from Valentine’s Day and some places have to celebrate this holiday by allowing users to purchase lingerie with Bitcoins. Lila Williams, the founder behind, recently affirmed that the company originally began to accept Bitcoin (BTC) during March 2017 and that people are still going at it, according to a recent interview conducted with Coindesk.


Williams stated that every month her business has gained a handful of Bitcoin payments as people gain a 15% discount whenever they use to pay for their purchase in BTC. Since Valentine’s Day is nearing, the increase in Bitcoin payment has risen.

While there are some folks out their not really keen on spending their cryptocurrency to purchase clothing, some people do believe that it can be quite advantages, especially with the discounts handed out. Rebecca Migirov, CEO of the lingerie brand Kala, recently confirmed that she was also seeing a “women-led revolution” in people purchasing its product line with bitcoins, which clearly shows there is a demand for it.


Even it this may seem like an odd way to spend those hard-earned Bitcoins for most, as it’s primarily used for the financial sphere, this is one of the main reasons why Bitcoins continue to exist after all its to be used as money for whoever wishes to purchase goods.

Censorship is also a great hassle to deal with for most shoppers as well. For those who may not know, there are plenty of platforms out there that often mistake lingerie shops with creators of pornographic content, which eventually leads to the brands and shop having a difficult time advertising their product.

With Bitcoin marketplaces and platforms popularity increasing, shop owners believe that they will finally be capable of getting around this problem once and for all.

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