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Roger Ver confirms partnership between Bitcoin Cash and Japan’s ANA Group

Roger Ver confirmed the partnership in the latest video posted on the’s Youtube channel. It was in the video that they announced the recently concluded meeting with the Allianz Cargo Direct where the conversation was centered around furthering the BCH roadmap.

Even though most of the news sounded quite exciting, Ver mentioned that he cannot divulge the partnership information due to “insider trading laws.”

“We all agreed that we should announce all the stuff that we are doing with ANA Group right now, today. The downside is they say we can’t. Because, there’s this thing called the insider trading laws.” – Ver

Ver also gave some input on some exciting news. Ver mentioned that there are a few publicly traded companies are also in the plans to integrate Bitcoin Cash, and this could also be a reason for the insider trading obstacle that is preventing them from taking further their partnership announcement.

The BCH proponent also highlighted that Bitcoin Cash is the only cryptocurrency targeted in this manner, with no other cryptocurrency facing this situation.

In the video, it seems that Ver was displeased at this development and his being forced to withhold the announcement due to the country’s insider trading laws.

One of the problems with Japan is that Japan has been ramping up its insider trading laws since 2015, with the country’s Financial Services Agency and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) issuing a corporate governance code instructing publicly traded companies to appoint at least two independent directors. Within a period of two years, 90 percent of all companies listed on the TSE had to deal with similar issues.

In addition to the partnership, Bitcoin Cash has also integrated with the Yukizaki Luxury Watch Store, with the store now accepting payments in Bitcoin Cash.

In terms of the price, Bitcoin Cash has declined significantly over the past few days, with the coin slipping below its major support level, seeing its market cap fall below the $2 billion mark and even losing its fourth spot on the global coin ladder.

However, with good news and future integrations, Bitcoin Cash still seems positive for the long run.


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Samuel Tan

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