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Rogelio Choy steps down as Bittorent CEO after BTT Token launch

Yesterday, Bittorent announced the launch of a new token through Binance’s launchpad. An entertainment magazine quotes a source close to the company suggesting that Rogelio Choy, a longtime BitTorrent executive and CEO from 2017 until BitTorrent’s acquisition in July 2018, had disagreed with Tron founder and current CEO Justin Sun about the direction of the company.

The BitTorrent token (BTT) is part of this move, and is supposed to strengthen the torrent ecosystem by incentivizing users to share files and use faster internet connections.

Adding financial incentives to what was previously a free and open source protocol did not sit well with some of the BitTorrent staff, however, and a handful of employees left the company not long after the initial acquisition by Tron.

Rogelio Choy had remained at the company as Head of Storage Business Unit at Tron, and at time of publication his Twitter bio still listed him as “CEO @ BitTorrent.” However, it seems like as of today, he has stepped down from the role of CEO and has moved on away from BitTorrent.

A thing to note is that Rogelio Choy’s LinkedIn profile lists him as President and COO of Eaze—a cannabis marketplace—with the previous role at Tron ending in December 2018.

Neither BitTorrent nor Tron appears to have issued an official statement on Choy’s departure so far, but the community believes that the departure is due to a disagreement between TRON and Bittorent’s initial vision.


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