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Ripple’s Xpring Invests In Wieste Winds XRPL Labs

Ripple’s Xpring has recently announced its plans to invest on Wietse Wind’s XRPL Labs, a community of developers dedicated to encouraging growth for the ecosystem surrounding the Interledger Protocol and XRP Ledger.

Wietse has been an incredible developer and highly dedicated to the XRP community all while single-handedly working on further improving the cryptocurrencies ecosystem. Previously, he worked on developing projects and tools for the Ripple community. XRPL Labs has worked a number of projects, some of these include a decentralized exchange, mobile wallet, and cold storage operating system.

At the moment, an undisclosed amount is being invested into XRPL labs by Ripple, but this will allow Wietse to continue working on the projects full-time along with his two employees,

After the announcement of Xpring revealing it would e investing into XRPL Labs. Wietse Wind went on twitter to inform the XRP community his team will begin to work on some XRP apps.

Although, on XRPL labs official website, it’s stated that three developers would be working on Signing Platform app, Decentralized Exchange UI, and Cold Storage OS for XRP.

The Signing Platform is an application that allows people to interact with the XRP ledger from their smartphone.

The application makes it seamless for users to sign transactions and keep their XRP safe by allowing 3rd party applications to send Sign Request to their smartphones. According to a recent update, the app supports Decentralized exchanges and DEX and MultiSign.

On the other hand, the Decentralized Exchange UI can be used to view, create and cancel offers for the XRP ledger Decentralized Exchange. By using this, it seamless to trade XRP for IOU’s using browsers.

Finally, the Cold Storage OS that is currently being developed by XRPL Labs will be used on cheap laptops. Once Linux-based XRPL Cold Storage OS is installed onto a computer, users will be capable of storing their “keypairs and secrets, safe and encrypted, and compose and sign transactions offline and submit their transactions airgapped”.

Xpring director Vanessa Pestritto had this to say about their investment into XRPL Labs


“At Xpring, we are focused on growing the ecosystems around the Interledger Protocol and XRP Ledger. To do so, we need to work with developers that share our vision of interoperable blockchains and new use cases for XRP.

One of those developers is Wietse Wind. Wietse not only has excellent past experience, but understands the protocols and technical details of both the XRP Ledger and Interledger Protocol…

Wietse is a proven entrepreneur and has successfully grown his companies organically. He has built a technology consulting company, which serves numerous clients ranging from larger scale companies to smaller offices. He’s also built and ran a software company that provided a platform as a service for rapid web development.

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