Real estate properties are still being listed for cryptocurrency despite the bear market

Most of us aware that we’re in a cryptocurrency bear market right now. Bitcoin and many other digital assets have lost more than 80 percent of their fiat value since 2017. Despite this, the trend for people selling homes for cryptocurrency continues to push forward showing signs that consumers still want to own cryptocurrency.

Crypto prices impact the entire market

Because of the price drop, the entire cryptocurrency economy has been affected as blockchain companies have suffered layoffs and cryptocurrency-related internet searches have dropped significantly. Not all crypto trends have been downwards however: people are still interested in crypto-focused conferences and over-the-counter (OTC) bitcoin volumes have been climbing.

Another trend that’s managed to survive is the real estate market and its newfound relationship with cryptocurrencies. Back in late 2017, when crypto assets were extremely valuable, people were selling real estate for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. And now, even after the 80+ percent drop in value, individuals and real estate firms are still putting homes on the market for digital currencies.

On Jan. 30, a regional news outlet reported how property in Australia is still being sold for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For instance, Real Estate agency Ray White is selling a luxurious three-bathroom home in Surfers Paradise for $580,000 and the owner is willing to accept payment in BTC.

In a suburb of Darwin, an apartment is selling for roughly 126 BTC or $600,000. The private listing says “We are happy to accept Bitcoin or any other major cryptocurrency instead of Australian dollars for this property.”


Not only are homes selling for cryptocurrencies in Australia but people can purchase parcels of land with digital assets as well. Another listing located in the town of Helidon, Queensland has the homeowner seeking the equivalent of $86,000 paid in BTC. “You can purchase this property entirely using bitcoins,” the listing details.

San Francisco and crypto real estate

In San Fransisco, according to a Craigslist ad, a mid-century hillside estate can be purchased for $3.3 million. “The seller may consider offers including consideration paid in bitcoin or other forms of cryptocurrency,” explains the advertisement.

View a picture of the house below:


In Hughson California, you can buy a $2.3 million 5,138 sq ft luxury cherry estate with four bedrooms. The property also includes 14 acres of land and was designed by Conrad Sanchez. For 70 BTC, a property in the beautiful region of Playa Colorado can be purchased that includes its own private beach club and restaurant membership. For $900,000 in digital currencies, there’s a 3-bedroom, 1,800 sq ft Key West estate for sale located on Saddlebunch Key.

More than just homes

In Albrightsville, Pennsylvania, someone could snatch up a vacant Poconos lot and acquire a ½ acre of this popular vacation land for digital currencies. There are almost 12 acres of land for sale that borders Boise in the region of Sweet, Idaho and the owner is interested in a digital currency trade. Or if you want a whole bunch of acreage, for $475,000 in cryptos you can purchase a 300-acre farm with water in Bouse, Arizona.

It seems that people are still finding value in listing luxury homes, apartments and lots of acreage in exchange for cryptocurrencies. The lower cryptocurrency values may entice owners selling properties because essentially they can gather a lot more coins. So far, in 2019, there are still plenty of sellers who are attracted to this form of payment and are happy to accept cryptocurrencies instead of fiat in exchange for property.


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Samuel Tan

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