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Razer Launches token loyalty system and desktop miner

United States-based gaming company Razer redesigned their native virtual currencies and loyalty system and launched a desktop mining app, according to a blog post published today.

The announcement included software and services updates aimed at accelerating and enhancing the rewards gamers can earn simply by doing what they love: playing games.

The new updates are the redesigned Razer Gold and Razer Silver virtual credits and rewards system. Featuring a brand-new name, look and experience, the new Razer Gold and Razer Silver enhance value for gamers as they spend on games, then reward their loyalty with exclusive Razer gear and digital prizes.

In regard to Razer Silver, gamers will be rewarded with the currency for every Razer Gold spent, wherein the more Gold gamers spend, the more Silver they earn. Users can further exchange Razer Silver to products, discounts, and vouchers.

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The latest update sees Razer Gold redesigned to be simpler to understand and gives gamers more value per dollar spent.

  • Simplified reloads: One dollar of a gamer’s local currency is now equivalent to one Razer Gold, so they can reload their account, purchase games and bonus in-game content in the currency most familiar to them.
  • More bang for your gold: When gamers load up on select game credits with Razer Gold, they get exclusive in-game conversion rates that stretch their dollar. For instance, spending $0.99 in PUBG MOBILE through Google Play nets gamers only 60 Unknown Cash. On the other hand, $0.99 of Razer Gold lets users bag 74 Unknown Cash – a 23 percent more value.
  • Exclusive loot: On top of better value, gamers will also regularly receive exclusive in-game loot items just by using Razer Gold. Past and on-going campaigns include a Razer-themed parachute for Razer Gold spenders in PUBG MOBILE, and a brand-new Razer Hex decal in War Thunder.

GPU mining

The company is also launching a desktop app called Razer SoftMiner, which utilizes idle graphics processing unit (GPU) power of users’ devices to solve blockchain-based puzzles on the back-end.

Once users install and launch the app, they will be awarded with Razer Silver depending on the amount of time SoftMiner has been operating, and the processing power of their PCs.

Razer SoftMiner is currently in beta and supports up to 5,000 users per week. It can be downloaded and installed through Razer Central, alongside Razer Synapse and Razer Cortex. Find out more about SoftMiner here:

Twitter user Scott Chicken commented on Razer’s announcement of the new product, calculating that the company earns at most £0.35 ($0.44) per day mining at full power, making each Silver worth £0.0007 ($0.00089). Chicken said that “running this at full power, every single day all day it takes 560 days to earn a Razer keyboard, valued at £199 [$251] as of their website.”

Our thoughts

Whether or not this is a “scam”, it’s still good to see gaming companies take the approach to implement more blockchain technology to their software. What’s nice about the Softminer is that now gamers can also leave their PCs idle and still gain rewards for doing so.

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