Quick Updates For July 4th On NEO, Vechain, XRP, and IOTA

It’s been a wild month for crypto and blockchain. However, it seems like the market prices are stable. We know everyone is busy on July 4th, so we decided to put together a quick article so that you can get some quick wrap-ups while blowing away some fireworks!

Without wasting everyone’s time, let’s dive right into what’s happening in the crypto market today.

1. NEO

We’ll start off with NEO since it’s been the trending topic so far. NEO says it’s entering “the era of decentralization” and will no longer run its own private nodes to power the network and validate transactions. NEO plans to open a public campaign in 2019, allowing token holders to vote on which organizations will run the backbone of the network.

Quick timeline:

End of 2018: NEO Foundation plans to vote KPN and other partners as mainnet consensus nodes.

2019: NEO plans to open public campaign for election of all consensus nodes.

2. XRP

Ripple’s been taking a big hit in the past few months, but most investors are still strong on Ripple (XRP). The cryptocurrency exchange Coinome just launched three new XRP trading pairs.

Isn’t XRP (Ripple) already on most exchanges? What’s so special about this one?

What makes this special is that traditional cryptocurrency exchanges have been listing Ripple as trading pairs with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. Coinome is a bit different.

The platform has paired XRP with Litecoin, DigiByte and Bitcoin Cash.


3. Vechain

Vechain is one of our most favorite blockchain solution out there. Recently, the companies made big moves with it’s new Thor launch.

VeChain is revamping its roadmap in response to concerns about the platform’s upcoming token swap. VeChain says it will extend the X Node migration period and give people 10 more days to make sure they can move their coins from the Ethereum network to the new VeChainThor blockchain.

The company actually listens to their investors and customers

Yes, Vechain is already doing amazing work with it’s new launches, but what we love even more is how Vechain is actually listening to their audience and changing the product based on that.


We couldn’t leave out a roundup post without mentioning IOTA. As of now, there isn’t too many interesting news on IOTA, except for this one that we thought it was worth a share.

One of the oldest universities in the Americas will offer a course on IOTA and distributed ledger technology. Peru’s National University of San Marcos says it is “essential to introduce the subject of blockchain as part of the syllabus of the Distributed Systems course for Computer Science students.”

Just when you thought computer science didn’t include enough theories. Poor students :/

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