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Poloniex announces support for 3 new assets to expand their listings

Poloniex recently announced that they will be adding 3 new assets to expand their listings.

The three assets are:

  • Livepeer (LPT)
  • Numerai (NMR)
  • Polymath (POLY)

As with past listings, these selections were based solely on merit as defined in the company’s Asset Framework, and no listing fees were collected. The fact that no listing fees were collected is huge because there has been quite a few scandals regarding this with other exchanges recently.

As with their recent listing of FOAM, they are the first exchange to support markets for LPT. With this announcement, the company brought a total of 14 new assets to Poloniex in 2018 ending the year good.

Customers can now post limit orders for these assets (“Post-only”). Post-only mode allows the order books to fill before the company opens trading so that they can avoid dramatic price swings and ensure healthy markets.

Poloniex will enable full trading in BTC pairs for each asset within the next 24 hours once sufficient liquidity is established.

Crypto Asset Framework

Since Circle’s acquisition of the exchange earlier in the year, the company published their Crypto Asset Framework as a first step towards developing an egalitarian and compliant asset selection process. This has led to the subsequent listing of what the company feel are some of the best projects, teams and technologies in the crypto asset marketplace.

With the company’s new framework in place, the exchange listed 10 ERC-20 tokens and two blockchain platforms, ranging from highly traded assets to tokens that were not being traded anywhere else. In addition to new listings, they introduced USDC markets for several core assets and were the first exchange to offer pre-fork trading ahead of the Bitcoin Cash hard fork.


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