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Playstation 4 Approves First Ethereum Based Video Game

Playstation 4 is making big moves by adding blockchain to their upcoming video game.

Which game?

Plague Hunters will be the first Ethereum-based game available on the console. Sony has reportedly put Plague Hunters through their notoriously stringent review process and given the game the green light to ramp up for an official release.

Plague Hunter is primarily a single player RPG game with some player versus player aspects of it.

It’s free to play but in game items will cost money.

Yes yes! Full ownership indeed!

Users will have full ownership of any assets or in game items acquired within the game, and you know what else is special?

Users will be able to trade the assets and potentially sell assets within the game since it’s on the Ethereum protocol.

Bernard, the creative director of the game, says:

“We know other developers are working to do this but we wanted to prove we were first…

“We understood what’s awesome about blockchain, but everyone was copying CryptoKitties. It’s cool but very specific. So we thought we can make a blockchain game for consoles. And that’s what we’ve done.”

The game scheduled for release during Q1 of 2019 with versions also being developed for Nintendo Switch and PC.

Our thoughts

We recently wrote an article on “Why Blockchain Will Play a Big Role In Future Esports Gaming” . More and more companies are taking the step to implement blockchain in their system.

This is a big move for the blockchain space and will be great to see how this expands into the future games for Sony. Whether you enjoy the game or not, everyone should give some support to Sony when the game is released!

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