Planet Digital is looking to raise $38 million through a STO to build games on the blockchain

Planet Digital officially launches today, seeking $38 million in funding through a Security Token Offering, or STO. We covered a guide on Security Tokens a while back here. As of now we believe that 2019 will be a huge year for STO. STO provides the investors with a peace of mind and it isn’t anywhere as wild as the ICO craze, which don’t come with any legal claim on a company or its revenues.

Investors of the Planet Digital STO will get a significant share of revenue generated by the company. And at least some of those games will use blockchain tech, which founder and CEO Steve Grossman says his team has been examining for more than a year. 2019 is also expected to be a big year for blockchain gaming, which can make games more interoperable and, says Grossman, increase the trustworthiness of marketplaces for in-game items. We’ve been seeing a lot of news in this space especially with companies like Epic, who’s behind Fornite.

Leadership is no joke

Grossman has been an investor in and publisher of high-profile games for nearly 20 years, and will bring to Planet Digital a portfolio of recognizable franchises, including Cooking Mama. Grossman also has one particularly remarkable claim to video game history: He was an organizer of the 1990 Nintendo World Championships, a national gaming competition that presaged the rise of eSports.

Planet Digital’s Board of Directors will include Kelly Sumner, founding partner and former CEO of Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two Interactive, and former CEO of RedOctane, which published the smash hit Guitar Hero. Chris Deering, former president of Sony PlayStation’s European division, is attached as an advisor. As an investment firm, Planet Digital will work with studios to build actual games. It has announced Saber Interactive, which has worked on the Halo and Quake franchises, as a launch partner—though Grossman isn’t ready to talk specific projects.

In addition to Cooking Mama, Grossman own the rights to Cabela’s The Hunt and Bass Pro Shops: The Strike. Grossman says the three brands have generated more than $300 million in sales between them. On top of its game-industry cred, “We’ve also got some pretty interesting blockchain folks on our team,” says Grossman. One interesting idea Grossman floats is a fishing game that’s blockchain-backed, making its fish a provably finite resource that players compete for head-to-head. “By beating the crap out of me on the blockchain,” Grossman says, “You’d be able to steal all my stuff.”

What a lineup right there from the leadership and boards.

The investors of Planet Digital will come with a lot of upside benefits, with holders of Planet Digital’s Rocket Token (RKT) collecting 80 percent of the company’s net profits until they recoup their investment, 40 percent of net after that, and five percent of sequel revenue.

The token is being built using Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard by the STO advisory firm seriesOne. (We’ll be keeping an eye on exactly how issuance, custody, dividends, and other nitty-gritty elements of the process work.)

This type of deal briefly reminds me of “Kevin’s deals” from Shark Tank..

Notably, Grossman says the token and purchasing processes will comply with all relevant securities and financial regulation, including limiting the offering to accredited investors in the U.S., and keeping careful control of how the tokens move. This does help with weeding out the non-serious investors.

Here are my thoughts, it’s truly notable that a project boasting such a seasoned staff would take the STO plunge despite such uncertainty, and double down on their risk by exploring blockchain gaming.


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