PayPal Quietly Launched An Internal Crypto Platform

Paypal has recently launched their own brand new internal crypto platform that’s designed to teach their employees all they need to know about the digital assets and blockchain technology.

As Reported by Cheddar, the blockchain-based platform shall allow Paypal employees to acquire cryptocurrency by engaging in the company’s initiatives.

“Employees can access their tokens through the company’s internal website and continue earning more by participating in innovation-related programs and contributing ideas. The tokens, which hold no value outside of PayPal’s walls, are also tradable among employees with each transaction being posted to, effectively, a ‘public ledger.’

…PayPal’s tokens are redeemable for more than 100 ‘experiences’ offered on the platform, including poker tournaments with a couple of their vice presidents, a trail run and coffee with CFO John Rainey, and morning martial arts with CEO Dan Schulman. Gabrielle Scheibe Rabinovitch, the company’s head of investor relations, has offered to let employees borrow her dog for a day, Todasco said.”

Our Thoughts

It’s quite interesting to see Paypal accept cryptocurrency in such a way, especially with them having a firm stance on it in the pass. This just shows that digital assets are becoming more accepted in places most people where hoping for or least expected from. It’s only a matter a time before the other Fintech companies start finally accepting cryptocurrency as well.

What are your thoughts on Paypal newly released platform?

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Keith Wang

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