Opera Launches Cryptocurrency-Based Web Browser For Decentralized Web

Opera has recently launched their very own blockchain browser specifically designed for searching and interacting with the web.

During the Hard Fork Decentralized festival held in London, the company made an announcement on the browser, which arrives with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, and is available for Android devices. This has made Opera one of the very first mainstream browser to come packaged with cryptocurrency and blockchain features.

This latest version of the browser will also allow users to interact wit decentralized apps (dApps), manage their online identity and make transactions.

Furthermore, Opera has high hopes of the browser stimulating the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

Executive VP of Opera, Kystian Kolondra had this to say,

“Our hope is that this step will accelerate the transition of cryptocurrencies from speculation and investment to being used for actual payments and transactions in our users’ daily lives,”

At the current moment, a desktop browser is being developed to synchronize with the Android version, with hopes of allow users to access their wallets with their desktop as well.

Currently, Opera has been having beta testers use the desktop browser and has been continue to polish the app version alongside. The developers are hoping to have the desktop version for its crypto-browser run on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Any official launch date haven’t been made clear, but a beta version of the desktop browsers is currently available.

Our Thoughts

Opera is stepping up the plate in hopes of becoming the number one web browser on the net. With a dedicated browser for phone that allows users access to their crypto wallet and a desktop version in the works, its going to be quite amazing to see if their success of mainstream adoption happens.

What are your thoughts on Operas new web browser?

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Keith Wang

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