OpenBazaar launches Haven, a privacy-focused app for socializing with friends and making purchases with cryptocurrencies

Blockchain startup OB1, the developers of decentralized shopping platform OpenBazaar, have announced Haven, a privacy-focused app for socializing with friends and making purchases with cryptocurrencies.

Almost a year ago, we did a Q&A with OpenBazaar’s founder Brian, which you can read here.

The project was announced by Brian Hoffman, founder, and CEO of OB1, at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami which started a few days ago and ended yesterday. The developers claim that Haven will “enable users to shop, chat, and send cryptocurrencies privately from their mobile device.” Think of this as the Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp for blockchain.

One of the biggest problems with modern chat and messenger tools is that most companies keep and sell your data to other data firms, however, Haven will be completely different. The main goal of the app is to promote privacy.

According to a company announcement, Haven will have a little bit of everything. It will combine a multiple-cryptocurrency wallet, a social network and a truly peer-to-peer marketplace for an inclusive economy and global participation with a focus on privacy.

Users can set up an e-commerce store using just their smartphones. They can also purchase items through the marketplace using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. To speed up the shopping process, Haven features a multi-wallet where you can keep, receive and send the four cryptocurrencies supported on the platform: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Zcoin and Litecoin.

In regards to the UI and functions, Haven will have a news feed that will be similar to the Facebook news feed. Within the news feed, users will be able to respond, comment, and like posts.

To ensure a secure shopping experience, Haven leverages the OpenBazaar software and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a decentralized and distributed file storage system.

“We believe users should be in control of their own data and are inspired by how cryptocurrencies allow them to trade with one another around the world. Users can connect this way now without needing access to traditional payment processors or using giant e-commerce platforms that collect all their personal data,” Hoffman explained in the company announcement.

Hoffman also added that, “Haven is OB1’s most advanced project representing our mission to bring a convenient but private social marketplace experience to users.”



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