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OkCoin’s Founder, Star Xu’s Private Records Being Sold On The Dark Web For 1 Dollar

OKCoin’s Founder, Star Xu has become the latest victim of having his personal information stolen and sold through an advertisement on the Dark Web. According to information provided by a Chinese news outlet, the advert was originally made by a vendor who went under the pseudo name “darrenchen.” The vendor went on to claim that this information he was selling comprised of Star’s entire family, the OkCoin exchange and his private credentials as well.

The information was being sold for a total of 0.00029 BTC, which is estimated to be a total of $1 USD to gain access to the private data.

While it’s unclear whether anyone decides to purchase the information for a total of $1 for Star Xu private data, people have pointed out that this sum seems to be too small for the amount of info supposedly being sold. Currently, it’s unknown whether anyone has purchased the information and discarded throughout the net. This most likely means that the seller is a fraud and is attempting to scam vulnerable users who browse the dark web.

The dark web has a reputation for being the breeding grounds for all sorts of illegal markets and can only be accessible through the use of special software such as the Tor browser. In this corner of the internet, malevolent vendors trade illegal commodities and services such as weapons, drugs or smuggled goods.

Our Thoughts

It wouldn’t come too much of a surprise if information about OkCoin’s creator Star Xu did end up in the dark web, especially with how rampant hackers have become as cryptocurrency continues to grow in power. Even so, it’s quite clearly a scam and should be avoided by everyone regardless of who tempting it may be to seek what kind of juicy information there may be to find.

The dark web reputation hasn’t helped the image of cryptocurrency as well with Bitcoin, the worlds largest cryptocurrency, becoming quite prevalent through the Dark Web. Although, it’s quite interesting to see Bitcoin still remains the cryptocurrency of choice among cybercriminals despite the existence of private coins such as Monero and ZCash.

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