Norwegian Billionaire’s Wife Kidnapped For 9 Million Euros in Monero As Ransom

A 68-year-old by the name of Anne-Elisabeth, wife of a Norwegian billionaire was recently kidnapped straight out of her home at Fjellhamar during October 31st, according to information provided by local news

Law enforcement suspect that she was kidnapped after the kidnappers requested for a total of 9 million Euro ransom. The needs to be paid by the use of Monero (XMR), which is known to be a privacy-oriented crypto coin.


During the past month, police investigations were conducted in secret to locate Anne-Elisabeth for 10 weeks, although due to the lack of progress they’ve decided to let the public know she is missing. Officers were originally trying to avoid any sort of threats done to Falkevik Hagen if the news had immediately gone public.

According to, there hasn’t been any sort of sighting from the women during the months she’s been missing.

Besides Kiros and Okokrim police, Interpol and Europol have also become involved in the search for the missing wife. While plenty of Norwegian media outlets did know of this story, law enforcement requested them to not publish any information regarding the case until the police gave them the green light to do so.

Investigators have stated that the woman was kidnapped from her home, although there were no signs of burglary committed. Video surveillance footage didn’t catch any of the perpetrators as well. Although, they suspect that she was most likely to have been attacked while in the bathroom.

Monero Ransom

The kidnappers have been reported to have asked for a ransom transaction to be done through Monero, which is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency that’s becoming notorious for association with criminal elements. The algorithm behind Monero doesn’t allow a sender or receiver of the funds to be identified and causes the transaction to become obscure.

The ransom note was delivered through a coded message, and the kidnappers didn’t want the police to become involved in these matters. Even so, law enforcement did get involved but they manage to use false signs on cars when driving up to the home where the woman was kidnapped. After an investigation was conducted, the police reported a critical lack of tracks for them to follow.


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