North Korean Hackers Are Targeting Individual Crypto Owners

In recent years, North Korea has manage to raise one of the most feared hacker army currently known. This hacker army has made it their mission to target individual crypto owners in order to steal their hard earned cryptocurrency.

According to a senior research at the South Korean antivirus company Hauri, Simon Choi says North Korean hackers were previously know for setting their scope on crypto exchanges, but as of recently, due to attacks against exchanges becoming increasingly difficult, they’ve decide to go after individual cryptocurrency users.

As of April 2018, South Korea-based Cybersecurity firm Cuvepia detected more than 30 cases where North Korean hackers targeted crypto owners, according to the CEO of Cuvepia, Kwon Seok-Chul, in a report.  Kwon further stated that some cases might have even gone undetected, estimating that the possible number of hacks performed could be higher then 100.

The report further elaborates on hackers sending infected emails attachments with malware, so they can gain access of a crypto owners device and complete gain control once the attachment is opened.

The majority of this unfortunate hacks have been wealthy South Korean cryptucurrency owners as hackers believe that they could steal ” billions’ from these individuals, Choi said.

Our Thoughts

North Korean hackers have been a big problem in over the year and have been suspected of other attacks done during the previous year. The hackers have been reportedly responsible for compromising up to 36,000 user accounts on the South Korean exchange Bithumb and Coinis $2 million raid during 2017.

For those of you who are crypto owners out their, make sure to double check every email you gain and make sure its from a worthy source. Who know’s when you’ll be the target of these malicious North Korean Hackers.

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