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New Monero Cryptojacking Malware Targets Linux and IoT Users

A cybersecurity firm by the name of JASK inc. recently published a study on February 5th, revealing data on a hoard of crypto jacking attacks caused during November 2018 that mined cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) on a users computer.

According to the research conducted by JASK, an upgraded and modified version of Trojan Shellbot has been spreading around quite actively since November 2018.

The security firm states that the individuals responsible for spreading this harmful Trojan are likely to be based from the Romanian hacker group known as “Outlaw.” One interesting detail to one point out is that the word Outlaw in the Romanian language is spelled as “haiduc”, which is coincidentally the name of one of the payloads the malicious malware installs on the users system.

According to the report,

“The toolkit observed […] in use by the attacker contains three primary components: IRC (Internet Relay Chat) botware for Command and Control (C2), a revenue stream via Monero mining, and a popular scan and brute force tool, haiduc.”

One thing that should be noted down is that this Trojan Outlaw is aimed at Linux and the Internet of Things (IoT) users in particular.

Cryptojacking continuous to increase and seems to have become a favorite past time for the most criminal hacking group in the pass recent year. A report published by McAfee during June 2018 concluded that cryptojacking incidents have increased by a whopping 629 percent during 2018.

Linux and IoT users aren’t the only ones coming under attack from recent crypto jacking as well. Mac users have also been targeted from a recent cryptojacking malware named CookieMiner, that’s been spreading all over the net, stealing their information whenever they visit certain exchanges on the web and stealing all of their information in order to gain access to their funds.

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