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Morgan Creek Digital Backs $3.1 Million Investment For Tokenized Real Estate

Morgan Creek Digital has recently joined a group of investors to fund a new blockchain startup called RealBlocks. The company shall allow investors to buy micro-shares of real estate while giving firms a brand new way to raise capital with the help of tokenized securities.

Developed for the Ethereum blockchain, Realblocks facilitates the sale of tokenized shares by utilizing fiat or cryptocurrency. Investors will be capable of trading their securities with token holders locally or around the globe.

CEO of Morgan Creek, Anthony Pompliano is a strict believer that tokenization is the way of the future and shall take over the financial market as more troublesome structures, such as fiat currencies and gold, get replaced.

Hey says,

“Every stock, bond, currency, and commodity will be tokenized at some point in the future.”

In regard to the new platform by retail investors, pompliano had this to say,

“As you know, this is the number one thing that I wish I could change. We are working on ways to build solutions for this problem. Will let everyone know when we figure it out.”

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Keith Wang

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