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Mimblewinble Protocol Officially Launches Grin

The Grin project, a cryptocurrency that leverages the Mimblewimble privacy technology, has successfully launched their main net. Grin objective is to be a scalable and less storage intensive privacy coin.

This implementation has been a long-anticipated protocol that’s released as the second one during January, following the release of Beam, which came out the gate during the beginning of this month. The consensus algorithm of Grin is Proof-of-Works, and its mining algorithm is currently ASIC-resistant.

According to the developers behind Grin, the main tenets of the project are:

Privacy as a default;

  • Scalable transactions by storing a fraction of data;
  • Proven cryptography that has been tested for decades;
  • Simple design for peer-to-peer transactions;
  • Community-driven with a focus on decentralized development and mining.

The project as implemented the Dandelion Protocol to further increase the network layer privacy through its improved transaction message propagation method. The Dandelion protocol also helps protect against several attack vectors explained in academic papers on deanonymizing users by mapping IP addresses based on how transaction messages are sent from its origin.

Grin isn’t being maintained by any sort of company or foundation, nor plans for an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or anything similar being planned any time in the future. The project does accept donations for those who wish to contribute to its cause.

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Keith Wang

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