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Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman joins up as team owners for crypto football league

NFL stars Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman have joined the Fan-Controlled Football League (FCFL), a crypto-powered football league, as the new team owners.

Who are these guys?

Lynch is currently a running back for the Oakland Raiders and Sherman is a defensive back for the San Francisco 49ers. Sherman and Lynch won the Superbowl together in 2013 when they were teammates on the Seattle Seahawks.

Fan-Controlled Football League is a blockchain-based, real-world sports league where fans make all the decisions: The fans are the ones who hire the coaches, draft the players, and call the plays in real time. The fans also do all the design work in the backend.

This means that “fans own the game”, a new concept in the blockchain space.

Let’s dive back for a minute

Back in December 2017, the FCFL raised $5.2 million from an initial offering through Indiegogo. In August 2018, MicroVentures — the broker-dealer that handles Indigogo’s ICO fundraisers secretly canceled the ICO and refunded the money.

FCFL mentioned in a blog post during that time,

“After many, many hours spent with our legal counsel and advisors, we decided that the best course of action was to delay our Fan Token generation event until the launch of a fully completed FCFL platform with which the Fan Tokens can interact with utility function.”

Games to be live on Twitch

FCFL games will be played in a high-tech production studio equipped with drones, sensors and wearables, with seating for 1,000 fans. The games will be streamed in real time through Twitch, a live streaming platform that consists mainly of game streamers. There are also live crypto trading streaming on Twitch as well.

Our thoughts

This is an extremely unique approach to starting a sports league. The fact that fans can own everything is huge and is what makes blockchain powerful.

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