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Mantis Completely Supported By Ethereum According To Charles Hoskinson

Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum, recently announced that Mantis has finally become fully supported by Ethereum in a recent Tweet.

The announcement for Mantis was originally made during 2017. The client was developed from scratch using the Scala programming language, and by the IOHK developers team dedicated to Ethereum Classic, Team Grothendieck.

The main goal for Mantis is to have a client for Ethereum Classic completely created from scratch.

From their official announcement made on Github, the team went on to say that Mantis 2.0 will be focusing their sites on improving the general performance and introducing complete network support for Ethereum.

The team further claims that this version provides support for CPU mining, peer discovery, fast sync, regular sync, Moreden, and Ropsten testnets and private networks, Etheruem Classic, and Ethereum networks, and ethminder integration as well.

Mantis has been received some very positive response so far from various users on Reddit, claiming it to be an incredibly robust system that shall propel the Ethereum Network as a whole.

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Keith Wang

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