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Make A Wish Foundation Gets Cryptojack By Malicious Hackers.

Cyber hackers have reached a new all time low when finding new ways to getting rich. They have manage to target one of the most popular children’s foundations in the world and infected it with crypto mining malware.

The Foundation

In a report posted by Turstwave, a security firm, stating that a CoinImp crypto mining script was injected into the Make-A-Wish Foundation website and that this script was used computing powers of any visitors to mine cryptocurrency for this foul hackers.

‘Embedded in the site was a script using the computing power of visitors to the site to mine cryptocurrency into the cybercriminals’ pockets, making their “wish” to be rich, come “true”. It’s a shame when criminals target anyone but targeting a charity just before the holiday season? That’s low.’ Simon Kenin on Trustwave

Luckily, with the help of Trustwave, the foundation manage to identify and remove the malicious script that was causing their site harm.

Our Thoughts

Cryptojacking, which involves the use of malicious code to force other computer to mine cryptocurrencies without their consent, has become more common then it should. With thousands of malware infected website churned out by individuals with malicious intent, regular people and business institutions with pure intention are being infected.

What more can be done to combat these malicious attacks on our everyday websites, and how long before your favorite site gets attacked?

Let us know your thoughts.

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Keith Wang

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